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Lezha Demo Self-Guided Audio Tour

05 Audios

05 Stops

05 min

0.61 km

Opt: Bike

- Tips on the best local restaurants

- Please bring earphones with you

- Entry tickets not included

- Internet Required around 120 Mb

Highlights of Pomegranate Lezha. Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) XS - Seed Pod (Walk) 2) M - Seed Pod ( After Orthodox Church Stop -> Car transport is suggested. 3) Lezha Castle - Seed Pod (Walk) - All Locations are available in Google Maps, Google 360 or Google Photos. You ca also virtually visit all the stops.

Method: Walking


Distance: 2.9 km

24 Audios

Duration: 60 min

16 Stops

Lezha XS MAP.jpg
Skenderbeu Memorial

Highlights of Pomegranate Lezha Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) Skenderbeg Square ... City Hall, Culture Palace, Library, Museum etc. 2) Skenderbeg Memorial ... Church, Illyrian ruins ect. 3) Drini Promenade ... Ancient Lissus stories. 4) Road to Lezha Center ... Stadiu, Mosque, Church, statues ect. 5) Lezha Obelisk & Hill Top.

Full Description of Pomegranate Lezha Self-Guided Audio Tour. Please check below: 1) Skenderbeg Square ... Journey starts at Lezha City Hall. Around Skenderbeg Square we can easily find Culture Palace. In same building but from front entry we may visit The Museum. When we get closer to Skendergbeg mausoleum, we find th library of Lezha with 2 statues in front of it. That of Father Gjergj Fishta and Skenderbeg. 2) Skenderbeg Memorial ... Now we get closer to Skenderbeg's Mausoleum. We can find the Illyrian Rock with Incriptions: Gaviari Gate. Then we reach the remains of old Church and inside Skenderbegs Tomb. 3) Drini Promenade ... After we have a walk along Drini Promenade and hear stories of Ancient Lissus, now called Lezha. 4) Road to Lezha Center ... At the end of promenade we turn left and enter city side. Next stop is Lezha Stadium. After we get to Lezha Mosque. We continue to monument of Pope Paul ||. The Church of St. Nicholas is next. Road will direct us to city center and 2 statues, that of Gjeto and Dedë Çoku. 5) Lezha Obelisk & Hill Top. ... we leave the city center and pass by Obelisk of "Lidhja e Lezhes". Our last stop is Orthodox church on top of the hill, but is optional to visit and may be closed.

Self-Guided Audio Tours of  Pomegranate Lezha

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